Walkers Crisps, Set of 5 Individual Models, WA1005, 1991

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Model T Ford Tanker LP08028, Packard LP18028, Model A Ford Stake Truck LP20022, Packard Town Van LP22017, Chevrolet Delivery Vehicle LP26005

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The Lledo Presentation Sets are now shown in alphabetical order with the Lledo Themed Set reference number, (if it has one) shown at the end of the title description.

The summary section provides you with the individual reference numbers to which the set relates, all the sets shown come in either a Days Gone, Promotional, ProMotors or themed box.

As an example, PPD22/23 The Sandvik Collection will be listed as:- The Sandvik Collection, 2 piece set, PPD22/23. The summary describes the make and reference number of the models included in the set; this particular item would record that these are Model T Ford Vans, reference numbers LP06800a-with black roof and LP06800b-with orange roof.

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