New Stock

We are delighted to have purchased a very large collection in the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately we will be unable to send this new stock list out to you as we normally would when it is ready, the reason – 7,500 items would be too much for anyone to look at.

This page will keep you informed of our progress with this collection and occasionally show some of the new stock items.


1 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- 66 x Trackside single models, (we call them ‘baby’ Trackside) from DG200 onwards, Trackside 3 & 4 piece sets, use the search term – Trackside either from the main page or within the ‘Sets’ category.

2 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- 38 x LP/SP/PV127’s, 45 x Souvenir Buses SB15’s & SB75’s, use the search term SB15 or SB75.

5 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- DG/LP/SP75’s, Marathons and Promotional Marathons which can be viewed on the Lledo Marathons and PM Models page.

7 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- 32 x Trackside models (DG147, DG174, DG206, DG213, DG223), LP/SP/PV108’s and 109’s, PV031’s, 12 x PV097, PV125’s, SP/PV44’s, LP144’s.

8 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- LP62’s, PV81’s, PV88’s, more DG/LP108’s and LP109’s, LP/SP67’s, LP/SP/PV44’s.

10 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- VP/SVP’s which can be viewed on the VP Models page, Lledo Bromides and Plates which appear on the Pre-Production page, 52 x LP/SP/PV125’s, PV/SPM129, LP146’s, SP173’s. Not a lot done today as our third shipment arrived.

11 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- Issue 1 to 70 of the Classic Vans & Trucks Magazines which are all sealed, SP91’s, SP49’s and SP11’s.

13 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- 26 x Pre-Production models, LP12’s and LP15’s, more LP15’s to come to include LP15079a and LP15079b SRA.

17/18 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- 80 x LP15’s, a selection of LP01’s, LP12’s and Code 3 DG/LP12’s, Hobbyclub models, use the search term Hobbyclub, 80 x PV091, more Colliery models. Only 200 more to list from shipment 1. The contents of shipment 2 include 98 sets, the majority of which are new stock, over 600 single models and some Vanguard models. Don’t ask about shipment 3 we have no clue at the moment only that there are approximately 3,000 further models to check and stocklist prior to them appearing on the website, happy days! :-)

22 November 2023 – Listed & Published:- More Trackside models DG110’s, DG112’s, DG149’s, DG150’s and DG175’s. More LP15’s along with some LP/SP58’s and SP71’s. Very pleased to say we have reached the end of shipment number 1.

30 November 2023 – We have completed shipment number two of which all but the sets have been published, shipment number three is in the process of being listed on to our stock pages and will be published in some semblance of order. The DG/LP01 to DG/LP05 models are ready to be added to the website over the weekend, we will keep you informed of our progress.

1 December 2023 – Listed & Published:- The vast majority of the remaining DG/LP/SP and SL01 to 05 models, there will be the odd one not yet found within the shipment but these will be minimal quantities. We have kept The Grey Series models back until we have found them all. All LP/SP68’s with the exception of those that belong in sets (3 in total, LP68020, LP68035 & LP68036) and LP68029 which has been retained by the seller have been published this afternoon, a selection of these items are listed below.

3 December 2023 – Listed & Published:- SB144 ‘B’ Class Bus (Ole Bill) models have been listed (you will find these on the LP100 onwards page or simply use the search term SB144. This morning, once the weather has improved all DG/LP/SP64’s with the exception of those that belong in sets (5 in total, DG64004, DG64005, DG64007, SP64001 and SP64003) will be published. Sets, (98 so far) will be listed once they have all been found, from the lists provided when we purchased the collection there are more to come. Take care in the snow everyone, it may look nice and festive but it is treacherous out there today.