CK2003, Kenworth Articulated Truck, Surf the Net with Lledo, 1997 Show Model

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Certificated model, 500 pieces produced for the 1997 Lledo Show

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The Lledo Cargo Kings, Cargo Carriers and ProMover models are listed below, The Cargo King range was first introduced in 1997 and included CK1, the Volvo FH12 Artic and CK2, the Kenworth Artic.

Lledo Cargo Carriers issued the Eurovan which was first released in 1999.

The Lledo ProMovers, again the Kenworth Artic under reference PM118 and the Volvo FH12 under reference PM119  also appear on this page.

All other PM models appear on the Lledo Marathons and PM models page.

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Weight 250 g