DG01000c, Horse Drawn Tram, Westminster, White Crest, 2nd Shaft, 2nd End Panel

SKU DG1000c 2nd shaft, 2nd end panel, brown horse


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with white crest, brown horse, orange seats – 2nd shaft, 2nd end panel

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Casting variations:

Within a few days of initial production it became necessary to introduce a flange on the draw bar cross piece to prevent the horses from turning upside down during packing. The first casting is probably the rarest variation and can only be found on very early DG1000, Westminster models with a yellow crest. Later during 1983 a triangular brace was introduced to add support to the end panels. In 1984 the draw bar was strengthened to prevent flexing.

On some early models seats were reversed in manufacture, these are far from common but shown in this example.

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