DG08003b, Model T Ford Tanker, PBF, Bureau of Fire Service Truck

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This model has a white roof which was incorrectly fitted at the factory. Some models did leave the factory and ended up in Italy but the majority of the stock was sold to a Shropshire company for conversion into Code 3 model, as it happens they were not converted but released during April 1986 with the white headboard tampo printed in black (extracted from The Lledo Collectors Guide, The Millennium Edition). The model shows signs of pitting, to the front and the window area.

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Casting variations:

The initial metal baseplate read DG6-DG8 but was changed in 1985 to read DG6-8. The chassis was re-designed in 1988 to accommodate a plastic base. In 1989 the baseplate was changed to read DG6-8-33, a steering wheel was added that same year.

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