DG17028, AEC Regal Single Deck Coach, General, 126 East Ham

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Destination: 126 East Ham

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Casting variations:

The initial release of the DG17 had a fuel filler cap on the offside between the drivers door and rear wheel arch which created difficulties when the casting was ejected from the dies but also caused problems at the tampo printing stage. This detail was removed during the first batch of models thereby making the ‘filler cap’ version quite rare, as shown in this example.

The flushed rear seat had a central partition incorporated during 1986 to overcome assembly problems as shown in this example.

In 1988 an alternative roof was produced with advertising panels on each side of the model as shown on model reference DG17013

During 1994 the method of riveting the base to the roof was modified, the rivet head at the base was sited within a plastic washer.

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