LP006, Code 3, Model T Ford Van, Ashbourne Highland Gathering 1990, Derbyshire

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Certificated model, only 250 produced

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A Code 3 model is manufactured but not decorated by Lledo. We have a lot of Code 3 models. The majority of which were produced by Ramsey Collectables from the Isle of Man, Castlehouse Models originally from Selly Oak, ProMotorVans by Stevelyn & Co from Hertfordshire, Hobbyclub from Cornwall and South Wales Promotional Models to name a few.

If we are aware of numbers produced, the information will be added in the short product description, if the model is certificated that will also be mentioned, if you have any questions please send a message.

To ensure that these models run in order we have had to ‘tweak’ the numbers, all models have an extra zero, for example, DG/LP/SP/PV06 has had to become DG/LP/SP/PV006, and all other model numbers up to ’99’ have an additional zero, (043, 044, 088, 091 etc), hopefully this will then make the models run in order

We have broken this rather large page down in to a few model types which should help those only searching for a particular make of vehicle but if want to see the all the models then please view the full extent on the main page.

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